Access to assemblies, gene predictions, variants:

Common name Scientific name Genotype Assembly Total size N50 size
Sugar beet Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris var. altissima KWS2320 RefBeet-1.1 569 Mbp 1.7 Mbp
RefBeet-1.2 567 Mbp 2.0 Mbp
RefBv 508 Mbp 76 kbp
KWS230 DH1440 KDHBv 491 Mbp 70 kbp
STR06A6001 UMSBv 552 Mbp 46 kbp
SynMono YMoBv 470 Mbp 39 kbp
SynTilling YTiBv 487 Mbp 55 kbp
Chard Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris var. cicla M4021 Chard 604 Mbp 107 kbp
Sea beet Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima KMR7PC4987 DeKBm - -
WB42 Bmar 590 Mbp 176 kbp
Beta patula Beta patula BETA548 Bpat 624 Mbp 271 kbp
Spinach Spinacia oleracea Viroflay Spinach 498 Mbp 19 kbp

Sequencing reads are available in the Short Read Archive or the GenBank GSS database.


  • Total size and N50 size are based on sequences ≥ 500 bp (scaffolds plus un-scaffolded contigs).
  • RefBeet was assembled using the Newbler software (raw output: RefBeet-0.9, N50 size 0.76 Mbp).
  • RefBv and non-reference genotypes were assembled using the SOAPdenovo software.
  • The gene set analysed in the Nature publication was predicted based on RefBeet-1.1.
  • The current gene set BeetSet-2 was obtained based on RefBeet-1.2 after optimizing the prediction parameters for Caryophyllales taxa.

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