Physical Map of the Sugar Beet Genome

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z25F6, 045E07, BQ595006, HN147957

Chromosome 1
Chromosome 2
Chromosome 3
Chromosome 4
Chromosome 5
Chromosome 6
Chromosome 7
Chromosome 8
Chromosome 9

Data Sets

  • ProbesClones All probes and clones in genetically anchored contigs sorted by chromosome and contig in a tab-delimited table (column 1: chromosome, column 2: contig, column 3: number within contig, column 4: probe, columns 5-end: clones)
  • Probes.fasta The 35mer probes used in the hybridization experiments including the GenBank accession numbers of the source sequences
  • Clusters.fasta The sequences after clustering of EST sequences including GenBank accession numbers
  • Markers.fasta The sequences for marker development including GenBank accession number of the source sequence; the polymorphism is marked by square brackets (e.g. "[A/G]")

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